Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillcountry Yarn Crawl 2016

It's yarn Y'all!

The best little yarn crawl in Texas.
October 7-16th 2016

I found about it the day before it started. Just in time to join in the fun.

I was all set to go all by myself(without anyone who wanted to go on this little adventure) Jeff said he'd be happy to take me. What a guy.
Now I gotta let you know that this crawl falls on his birthday, but he wanted to spend his birthday with me and if he was going to be driving me all over Texas to shop yarn, then that's what he wanted to do on his birthday. He always says "it's just another day" I don't like it when people say that. It's NOT!

So we're off, in the grown up car. I went to 13 yarn shops. I fell in love with some all had wonderful yarn from all over. I made sure to ask what is only found in their shops.  Bought a lot of projects(do you see a goal list)

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