Sunday, September 25, 2016

Before We Hit The Road

Any time we hit the road, I always spend even more time with the dogs.
They are the sweetest pack of dogs.

It would be great to bring them with us.

Living In The Moment

I've been pulling away from things that don't work and running to things  that do.
We've been gone for 10 days and it seems like longer.... sitting in San Francisco waiting for a bell person, I any believe that is how much time has passed.
Well, here are some of the fun moments.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hitting The Road

With the both of us working from home, it's really nice, I mean we don't have an office to go into, we don't have to worry about someone eating your sandwich from the fridge.

This trip has us going to Sam Francisco. I can't tell you how excited I am for this trip. Well, I see  this time we are in a car, a real car. With a big ass trunk. Oh the thrifting I will do. (Don't  tell Jeff)

First stop, some where in Texas.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Some Books I've Read & Quilts I've Made

This one was good. Looking forward to seeing the movie 
Would you look at those p.i.g.s.
I like the way this one is coming together. 


Well well well, it's September. I've been MIA. Getting real with myself the last few months, and doing some radical self love.

We've had some things happen (good and awesome) so, I've decided to pull away from things that don't work for me and stop doing this that others take for granted. It has been really hard saying no. But, when I started, WOW, I had so much more time to do the things I love to do. And do them for myself.

I decided not to do any shows this year, We are going to be really busy with honey-bunny and his work. It didn't seem right to stress myself and him out.

In return......I made eight quilts, eight quilts! Oh boy! Took some amazing pictures and in the next few days some classes.

We started Tai Chi class, that's fun and relaxing.

The bees are healthy and happy. So are the dogs. Today is Veikko's adoption birthday. Such a good boy.

Goals for September??  Yes I guess.
1 swim
2 climb
3 plant bulbs
4 bake
5 eat in at least twice a week.
Boom there you have it.

Hopefully my grammar will get better, I really struggle with it.
I just want to use this space to keep my mother in the loop with me and my little slice of InYourBones.
See-ya Bye