Monday, June 6, 2016

June Goals And Year Goals Update

June is here and this is my post of goals for the month and an update of the 2016 goals. 

June Goals are

  • Find a hairstylist 
  • Find a dermatologist 
  • Look at our European vacation pictures
  • Get my nails done
  • Spa
  • Make a dress or two
  • Make a hat
  • Make pillows for the outdoor funiture 
New Year Goals

  • #366dayprojectbusyfingers so far so good, everyday :)
  • Photograph more i got a new camera ( thanks honey)
  • Visit Death Valley we did but, they are closed till mid June
  • Visit San Francisco yay! and we go back in a few days!!
  • Visit Taos, NM yup, it was dreamy
  • Make a Quilt a Month well, no but the year isn't over yet.
  • Finish up some P.I.G.S. i have finished up some and made a dress
  • Be Social and Get Out yup, #atxcoworkingladies and some workshops.

Now i know that my june goals look like i could just knock them out in an afternoon. maybe i will. the part about our holiday pictures, well that's a different story. Maybe i should put some fun things on my list. 
i have been swimming a lot, like 3 to 5 times a week. that's kinda cool. 
and now that the rain has stopped for now, there is a lot of yard work to do.

Here are some pictures from our Taos trip. it's sad Jeff had to work a lot but, we make the very most of the time we spend together, and nobody can take that away from us.

i found candy that didn't have gluten in it. 
that was our little place in Taos, NM
the lilacs were in full bloom and they smelled like my childhood
look how cute our rental dog was
they really know how to grow plants
Lacey is the sweetest little pup
just some of my local shopping
the weather missed us the whole time we were there

now, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Death Valley.
if you haven't been there don't go. sorry we just don't want it to get over run with people. just kidding!! it is the most, of everything. there is soo much water there. it is so big, you can put the grand canyon in the bottom then stack another grad canyon on top and YOU could STILL look over top to the other side.
anyway, the sounds of death valley is beautiful. don't take my word for it, GO.

World's Largest Thermometer 

See-Ya Bye!