Monday, February 1, 2016

Goodbye January Hello February

Wow! Fancy February is upon us. 
January is in the rear view mirror. 
"See-ya Bye"
Made some progress on the New Year Resolutions. Here is what I wrote; 
So in no particular order;
~Photography more
~Find a hairdresser 
~Vacation in Death Valley 
~Vacation in San Francisco 
~Vacation in Taos 
~Make a quilt a month(!!!!)
~Finish up the P.I.G.(projects in grocery sacks) 
~get out and be social, make friends

and i have managed to; keep up with my #365dayprojectbusyfingers but it's really #366dayprojectbusyfingers (leap year and all) 

i went to a workshop, a fundraiser, tried new places to eat, a couple of arts meeting, and every Tuesday make it out to ATXcoworkingladies. such a blast. 

the rest well, it's for the year so, i think i'm right on track!

See-Ya Bye!!

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