Friday, January 8, 2016

January Goals

Have you kept them, or have you set any yet? I have never put them in writing until this blog.
When Jeff asked me what my New Year's Resolution was, I decided not to make any accept, to help someone make their goals and dreams come true. He said that it was a really good one. But, then it dawned to me, I need to make some more. So in no particular order;
~Photography more
~Find a hairdresser
~Vacation in Death Valley
~Vacation in San Francisco
~Vacation in Taos
~Make a quilt a month(!!!!)
~Finish up the P.I.G.(projects in grocery sacks)
~get out and be social, make friends

It doesn't look like much but, I'm really a Nervous Nelly.

See-ya Bye

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