Monday, January 11, 2016

First Quilt Of The Year!!

As you can see, I've been busy busy like a bee.
today I am working on the 3rd block.
so I better get back at it. 

I think I need to name them


almost forget the back yard.

It's amazing how I can do this all day and not get tired.
Lucky me! 

A may have to make a different quilt
 in more earth-tone colors.
What do you think?

See-Ya Bye!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 8 of #radicalselflovejanuary which is #adornyourself

Requires a flashback
 because I am VERY much a believer
 that you should always adorn yourself in one way or another.    
This! this brand id amazing! 
you gotta eat something
 the trick is to only eat 3 bites.
A clean home.

All kinds all the time and lots of it, the kind that makes you dance anywhere at any time.
I've been known to get out of the car and dance, when stuck in traffic.


A raincoat



Save, who you can.
As often as you can


Big Hats!

Goddesses that get you
and you get them.
Amen Sister-Cat

No, that's his name.
good dog
A husband that

photo bombs

Play time

I guess we should adorn ourselves every minute of every day.

See-Ya Bye!


January Goals

Have you kept them, or have you set any yet? I have never put them in writing until this blog.
When Jeff asked me what my New Year's Resolution was, I decided not to make any accept, to help someone make their goals and dreams come true. He said that it was a really good one. But, then it dawned to me, I need to make some more. So in no particular order;
~Photography more
~Find a hairdresser
~Vacation in Death Valley
~Vacation in San Francisco
~Vacation in Taos
~Make a quilt a month(!!!!)
~Finish up the P.I.G.(projects in grocery sacks)
~get out and be social, make friends

It doesn't look like much but, I'm really a Nervous Nelly.

See-ya Bye

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello 2016 You Beauty You

Happy New Year

This year
 i'm going to partake in a
365 day project. 
Happy New Year!! 
Hot Coco cookies and snail mail...
YAY! Jeff is joining me on the Texas Sofa.

I'm still sleepy,
I got to get my glasses fixed.

Mate and my first try at black eye peas.

A lot of this went on today...

Cuppa tea at our daily joint. 

OK, so I had coffee.
It was my last one for 2016.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Wild & Crazy Christmas

Happy Christmas

How was it? Did you eat too much? It's ok, 
It's a new year. full of so much potential.
Christmas was perfect, one year ago, we were so very sick, I can't even look at all the pictures. Maybe someday but not now.
I cooked, and Jeff put up a VERY big tree. 
It was Perfect!
We were all together.