Monday, December 7, 2015

December Already!?

Why hello lovelies. Apparently all my blog posts from the month of December didn't post and weren't saved. BOOO-HISS!!! Oh well, I'm coming to you from my sassy phone. Hopefully this one will post, but just in case I will be copying for safe keeping.

My final craft show is this weekend at the Cherrywood Art Fair. It is a two day show. To say that I've been busy sewing all day, every day is an understatement. I've got 25 towels left to do. While I am sewing my towels I also stamp, cut, write, string, and safety pin each one of my price tags.
I am exhausted but I know that it will be worth it.

Our Christmas tree is up. It's big, real and "organic" meaning that it was not groomed as it grew. How cool is that. I didn't even know they groomed Christmas trees. We do have a turquoise one that I bought on our first Christmas together. Unfortunately it's too tall for our little stone cottage. Jeff said he wanted a real tree, I didn't, because of the spiders that come with the trees.
We compromised.

It's outside our Bay window and hopefully the lights will get here in time. I am making the ornaments, out of pinecones and other things that I find on the hill. I've got so many ideas I just hope I can make it happen, you know when you have something in mind and hope UT all turns out the way your mind's eye sees it. Fingers crossed.
See-ya Bye