Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Texas Husky Rescue Austin Meet And Greet

this was so much fun. PetCo was kind enough to let TXHR
have a meet and greet on the 5th Saturday of the month. woohoo! we were so excited to set this up for them. we are trying really hard to get a bigger paw-print in the Austin area. 
what a fabo day to have the very first one on Halloween. 

so many huskies, and even more people came.
just look at all those dogs. 

just look at those ears!! 
Hello i think i love you.

oh my what big eyes you have...

so i told her that i shed 13 months a year, she's ok with that.

look into my eyes.....

i brushed my teeth.

i just wanted to take them all home. Jeff said no.but i under stand. we don't have the room for more ...yet. instead, i've got 3 shows this month and 1 next month. 100% of ALL my sales are going to the TXHR
if you can i would love to see you. if you can't make it, i ask if you could please help us get the word out. 
we(TXHR) have so many dogs that need our help. i'm so lucky to be able to combine my love of sewing with my love of dogs. i call it a win win. 


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