Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Golas Update

Hey there how's it going?  Me? Busy, I've got some good news and some great news.
1. That quilt, still in the box...
2.  Read 10 more pages of the book(still not finished)
3.  Bought some flowers.
4.  Sugar=yeah well, i had ice cream.
5.  Cook more at home(yeah no)
6.  From October-Trimmed my hair (hey! don't make fun, i didn't say how much) 

Quilt is still in the box, why?
because i made $3,000.00 for the Husky Rescue. yay!!! woohoo!!!

i am so thrilled i cried all the way home, because it makes me feel so good to help. with so much hurt in the world, i know that these dogs have a chance to find a loving home to spend the rest of their lives in. and i know that there are some that say that i should give that to the homeless or the working poor. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Chill Sunday-Funday

Cooking for the 3 time this week.
I'm getting really good at this

My star dog.
Sewing all day means
I miss out on playtime.
But not the sunsets.

Breakfast time,
but he would rather play

Shadow Dancing!

A woodpecker
home sweet home

Not a lot to report around the hills but, that's a good thing. 

See-ya Bye

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cleaning Out The Closest

I love clothes and hate to shop for them. I can never find anything to fit my 36E bust. But every season I swap out my summer threads for the winter ones. My closet space is tiny, so I went to storage and got all the my wardrobe boxes.
I was so excited to get them home and unbox all the things I bought last year. As I was putting away summer and filling in with winter, there was something missing, a lot missing. I was filling it up with sweaters, jackets, pullovers, jumpers, and long sleeve t-shirts. Missing were pants. Not one pair of trousers. Guess I'll be shopping this week.

Also I have a lot of hats. I love them, and this year I'm going to rock them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Update On November Goals

Hey there how's it going?  Me? Busy, I've got some good news and some great news.
1. Trimmed my hair
2.  Read 10 more pages of the book
3.  Bought some flowers.
4.  XX
5.  XX

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Cute Little Paper Shop

I love to put pen to paper, so when I found out that a fellow goddess was opening a shop, well, I had to go.
It is so cute. Just take a look at my score.

Second Show

Whew!!  that was quick and fun. Thank you to each and everyone of y'all for stopping by and helping me raise money for Texas Husky Rescue. 
I've got the 2015 Jingle Bash this weekend in Dallas Texas. 
This is going to be EPIC. 
Here are some pictures from Saturday's show. 
I also got an amazing necklace from
 fish food. 


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Show

This show was amazing, everyone was so nice and helpful, they even gave me a comfy chair to use.

I raised $$$ of dollars for the Texas Husky Rescue.

I only took a few pictures because I was soo busy.

November Goals

Wow! That was fast, I mean I thought we had a few more days in the first week of November.

So I'll get right to it then.
1.cook more at home
2.finish last month's book
3.peice together a quilt fresh flowers every week less sugar

There, I did it.
And so far I've managed to only;
1.cook breakfast for dinner(tonight) pages read
3.cutout and laidout
4.did it, they were pink like spring in Paris more sugar or honey in my coffee and tea

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Texas Husky Rescue Austin Meet And Greet

this was so much fun. PetCo was kind enough to let TXHR
have a meet and greet on the 5th Saturday of the month. woohoo! we were so excited to set this up for them. we are trying really hard to get a bigger paw-print in the Austin area. 
what a fabo day to have the very first one on Halloween. 

so many huskies, and even more people came.
just look at all those dogs. 

just look at those ears!! 
Hello i think i love you.

oh my what big eyes you have...

so i told her that i shed 13 months a year, she's ok with that.

look into my eyes.....

i brushed my teeth.

i just wanted to take them all home. Jeff said no.but i under stand. we don't have the room for more ...yet. instead, i've got 3 shows this month and 1 next month. 100% of ALL my sales are going to the TXHR
if you can i would love to see you. if you can't make it, i ask if you could please help us get the word out. 
we(TXHR) have so many dogs that need our help. i'm so lucky to be able to combine my love of sewing with my love of dogs. i call it a win win. 


October Update

Hey just an update on my list of goals for the month of October.
so far so goo, i think.

i joined a book club, got the book and almost read half of it.

Jeff didn't want me to bake anything,  he would rather me sit by his side and we go out to eat cake. ha! what a guy

yup, i did get out of the house, every Tuesday now for the month.

yeah a haircut, well, i did trim two inches off the bottom. didn't get that one....
it will go on next month.

five notes on this little dotofablog. that's really good i think.

well gotta go.