Saturday, October 17, 2015

Secret Garden

There is some wonderful things happening around here, i'm getting a little statue garden. Well, not so littel. we did a lot to this stone cottage in the last two years, but one thing we always did first, we let the land tell us what to do. We started with the porch, i wanted a BIG one, Jeff said i could do what i wanted, you see.....i'm terrified of spiders, BIG TIME. So i made it as big as i could. TEEHEE

We dug out the side of the hill, i could call it a mountain but, it's one hundred feet shy of that, so it's a hill, a lot of digging. we felt a little uneasy about doing it so soon after buying. The back stayed bare for the better part of a year, until now.
I just woke up and well, i'm a little sleepy. ha!

After i took this i had to get some sunblock on asap.
There will be raised stone stands where the statue of Diana will be. I'm kinda named after her.
That big tall wall, it's gonna be covered in wood.
Nothing to see here, it's a hot mess
We used hundreds of floating docks from Lake Travis. Recycle Repurpose and Reuse.
There are eight in this picture alone.btw, that red shovel is in the middle of the garden, it's gonna be BIG

I'm kinda excited about it....
but as i always say, what we plan doesn't always happen.

See-ya Bye!

Monday, October 12, 2015


Goodmorning sassy peeps. Hope your weekend was just what you needed it to be. I got a lot of things done. Knocked off one of my goals (Woo-hoo) just wanted to leave you with what half of my pack is up to this morning. Veikko and Maya laying around. What I had for breakfast, and where you will find me all afternoon.
Kisses y'all
See-ya Bye!
oatmeal, i don't like it but it's good for me.
we hope to get to grill out this evening, the weather has been AMAZING in the hills of Austin
we'll be with you in a minute. Better yet, won't you join us?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Few Things I'm Working On

Getting ready for all the shows I have this winter. I've never done so many shows so close together.
I must say I'm so excited about it. I hope to raise lots of money for the Texas Husky Rescue.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Goals

oh gosh i can't believe i'm doing this...
i'm not, well, i've never. made a list for this.
so my goals for October.
  • *read a book(i have gotten so many in the past weeks)
  • bake something yummy for my honey(it's his birthday soon)
  • get out of the house and do something that terrifies me.
  • get my hair cut
  • blog more(just blog)

ok, there you have it!