Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Dot of a Spot

Well well well, Jeff, for the most part is always right, he has really good ideas and when he said to turn the downstairs guest suite into my studio. I resisted with everything  "we need to have a place where friends and family could stay with us". Well owning it for two year and  living full time on Lake Travis Austin for about a year.

I. finally. gave. in.
The first thing we did was talk about what hardware was going to be used. Ikea? Pottery Barn? RH?
There were so many choices, I mean there are soo many ideas.

I wanted it to be clean white and fun to use. Insert the container store, WEEE!


  1. Love it! What a wonderful place of your own. Good call, Jeff! We will sleep on the beautiful terrace when we visit someday! 😉

    1. oh gosh! you're so sweet. thank you ever so, i am tickled pink, our home is ALWAYS open to you all. the pups would love to visit too.