Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Day Of London

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We landed in London Tuesday early early morning, so early that we got to see the sunrise from the car ride to our flat.... 

We went out for a nice long walk around Kensington.. The smell of winter was in the air. Yummy 

Virgin Atlantic

I slept like a baby. 

Monday, December 15, 2014


Well well well, the flight was dreamy lots of legroom and a cuppa.

A 5 hour flight and I only get 3 chapters of my book. Thanks public school system.  

Lunch looked good, she said it was chicken but it was salmon. Fish on a plane!?  No thanks,  I'll have chocolate cake.

We Made The Cut

We passed!!  Hahaha now it's a "hurry up and wait"
Jeff looks handsome in his RRL

Morning Peace....

Morning Peace

Yup, I'm so excited that I can't eat my oatmeal. So I had an English muffin.

My bags we packed days ago, and all I had left was my "purse"

Veikko is more than happy to finish my breakfast for me.

I'll be posting here from my phone. It's a first...
I might have a few hiccups, but hey, if it works, cool. If not, I have a journal to write it all down.
Fingers crossed.

See-ya Bye

I've tried to put pictures in this post but was unable to. Boo!