Tuesday, January 31, 2012



 Well, i don't know about you all but, for me the sunset is a very special time.  Jeff knows where ever we are he will stop and let me gaze upon her as she sets.  It's something that i have always stopped and enjoyed.  Even when i lived in "the hood", i didn't have a good line of the horizon, but i always took the time to sit with the dog and enjoy the light turn to dark, the day turn to night.  when i moved to the country there was more sky and 4 dogs, and 3 horses.  And still i took that time to gaze.  Jeff said i should write a book...me write?  no, more like a picture book.  Then our friend LP said "if you take the shots i'll write the pomes."
Jan 22nd 2012

So, it goes without saying that i have a LOT of sunsets on my laptop, desktop and even more on my phone...

my hope is to take 365 days of sunsets.....it's a work in progress, but it's a joy to take them.


some are more colorful that others but, to me they all are just breathtaking.


sometimes, i get lucky and am able to get a shot of the moon....


the red was so red i almost forgot to take the picture....

and this evening the ducks were talking up a storm, i think they were talking about how clear the sky was.


other times we are on the bike and i have but a second to take the shot.

do you remember where you were that evening?
and the last sunset of 2011.....

 i look forward to having pets again...

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the idea of 365 days of sunsets and all will be so different. Great post. http://www.savemysunshine.com