Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring is in the air

The weather is so lovely today.  I'm taking my work outside.  WORK you say, that's ok.  You see I work on sewthing everyday.  Sometimes it's all day or for the afternoon.  I'm so lucky that able to do what I love everyday.  I say it a lot; "You know what the best part of getting to sit and sew all day long is?  It's getting to sit and sew ALL DAY LONG."

I have been working on them all winter  long.
Sew today i'm taking a wee break from sewing(ok i'm gonna sew after lunch) and clean house.  
Today i'll be working on things for the spring line.
Just a few little petals of silk.. 
Trying new fabrics and mixing colors that i've seen out west.
I think i'll keep the first one I made
Oh, and still making them Yo-yo's

Last but not least......

Oh happy days!