Tuesday, January 31, 2012



 Well, i don't know about you all but, for me the sunset is a very special time.  Jeff knows where ever we are he will stop and let me gaze upon her as she sets.  It's something that i have always stopped and enjoyed.  Even when i lived in "the hood", i didn't have a good line of the horizon, but i always took the time to sit with the dog and enjoy the light turn to dark, the day turn to night.  when i moved to the country there was more sky and 4 dogs, and 3 horses.  And still i took that time to gaze.  Jeff said i should write a book...me write?  no, more like a picture book.  Then our friend LP said "if you take the shots i'll write the pomes."
Jan 22nd 2012

So, it goes without saying that i have a LOT of sunsets on my laptop, desktop and even more on my phone...

my hope is to take 365 days of sunsets.....it's a work in progress, but it's a joy to take them.


some are more colorful that others but, to me they all are just breathtaking.


sometimes, i get lucky and am able to get a shot of the moon....


the red was so red i almost forgot to take the picture....

and this evening the ducks were talking up a storm, i think they were talking about how clear the sky was.


other times we are on the bike and i have but a second to take the shot.

do you remember where you were that evening?
and the last sunset of 2011.....

 i look forward to having pets again...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring is in the air

The weather is so lovely today.  I'm taking my work outside.  WORK you say, that's ok.  You see I work on sewthing everyday.  Sometimes it's all day or for the afternoon.  I'm so lucky that able to do what I love everyday.  I say it a lot; "You know what the best part of getting to sit and sew all day long is?  It's getting to sit and sew ALL DAY LONG."

I have been working on them all winter  long.
Sew today i'm taking a wee break from sewing(ok i'm gonna sew after lunch) and clean house.  
Today i'll be working on things for the spring line.
Just a few little petals of silk.. 
Trying new fabrics and mixing colors that i've seen out west.
I think i'll keep the first one I made
Oh, and still making them Yo-yo's

Last but not least......

Oh happy days!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Central Florida Etsians

Oh boy,
That's all I can say about it.  What you ask?  Well, i'll tell you.  I was and still am a member of Central Florida Etsians  but, now i'm the Captain.  *snoopy dance*  I must say i'm tickled pink and ever so happy to have been given this roll, hope I live up to the title.  In order to do that, I think one has to have amazing team mates, I do, check them out. 

Central Florida Etsians is a team where Artists and Crafters in Central Florida can come together to work as a team, to gain more exposure for our Central Florida Etsy shops, work together to promote ourselves as a team and support each other on a business and social level.
This is the place you come to not only discuss your growing business, but to share daily thoughts, activities, and support each other through this business journey.

If you like to shop local and keep your hard eared money in the USA well, this is your one stop shop of shops.  If you don't live near central Florida you could do a search in ETSY for local Street Teams and shop in your own back yard.  

oh happy days! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas in Portland

we went to portland, maine for christmas and yes, it did snow.  it was lovely.  that is all i wanted for christmas last year,  was to be in a place we've never been to and snow.  woohoo!  jeff said that we could make that something we do every december 25th.  i'm down with that.

portland is such a cute town, even when it's cold.  all the lovely shops and places to eat and drink.  we were only there a week. but i got to see a lot and do some shopping.  found one of my favorite shops form ETSY  they are called PineconeandChickadee i got a shirt.

we stayed at the eastland.  very historic.  it even have rental units.

the view from our room.... goodnight moon


31st of december 2011
how cool is this, a brand new year.  i think with all the good things everyone is saying and posting about the new year, it's gonna be well, Happy.  i know for jeff and i it's gonna be.  i managed to get the last sunset of 2011.  i've been good about it for few years now.