Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Magic

 Happy Winter Magic everyone!
yes, i know.  yup, you're right.  what am i talking about? you ask.   the lack of me being here.  well, i'm back and hopefully on a once a week check in.   fingers crossed.  

it's a few days till christmas.  and the house is a mess.  not dirty dishes in the sink mess,  oh no, not our house, you see,   i   d o n ' t   c o o k .  ha!
we go out to Chipotle all the time.   oops, sorry back to mess house.  

what i mean is there is fabric all over the house, it's even in the sink!  ribbons and bunting from here to there.   i stayed up late almost every night.  late for me is 11 O'clock.   busy sewing and cutting.  then, i was making my first business cards.  that's right, i've been doing this for about a year and had no business cards of my own.  then there was the tagging and pricing all my goodies.

why, you ask?   well i just had my very first craft fair.  woohoo!  i met some wonderful people and saw some amazing work.  there was live music and everyone of the vendors brought a yummy snack for all to munch on.  i must say, it was all over so fast that i forgot to eat lunch or even drink water.  don't tell jeff.  teehee.

i must say i think i went overboard with my booth.   jeff made the hardware for the table, it looked soo good, he just came up with something in his head and just put it together in the parking lot. 1 2 3 so easy.

i then hung all sorts of goodies form all the hooks and my 'InYourBones' sign from the top.

i need to get some pictures up  but, i didn't take any.

i only took one from the back of the table looking out into the middle of the hall.
 such a lovely space.

it was organized by Central Florida Artisans Guild and a good time was had by all.  they are talking about doing one in the spring.  so i will keep you guys in the loop.

well, there is another good thing that is going on but, you all will have to just check back in a few days for that.

ooh, i almost forgot i got new glasses too.  what do you think?