Saturday, August 27, 2011


i did it! a quilt for the month of august.  Nors's quilt i think it turned out just lovely, i'll post more photos when i get a moment.  so there i did it, a quilt for the month of august, i know i already said that but, i made it in 6 hours. ha!

then i made more bunting, a lot more  bunting.......

 this was for someone down-under? it sure was fun to make.
well, this was just left over fabric that too small to use for a quilt

got a team you want a bunting for?      

oh, and i also made drink cozies 11 of them. to be listed soon.


  1. I love that top banner. Looks like a rainbow.

  2. oh thank you thank you,
    i had a client ask me to make her bunting in pastels. they turned out so lovely, that i now stock them in my shop