Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello July, i don't know where you are living but, here in the "sunshine state" July is HOT.
when i lived in, what i lovingly call "the hood", i would take cold showers and only dress in vintage slips.
i would lay on the terracotta  tile floors and just breath, do nothing because i had no a/c.
i know what you're think. i just got use to not having it. and did all my house work at night. the best was when i went to bed at night and pulled my sheets out of the freezer. 

this is us on a lazy hazy july day...

we spend a lot of time on the cool floor just her and i.  me taking her picture,
and her acting silly...
i think she knew i was taking these

such a ham

this is her far and away look.


  1. sheets in the freezer, yes

    your page is so beautiful

  2. oh wow! thank you ever so. so kind of you to stop by and visit. i read yours every time you post. i LOVE it.