Sunday, June 12, 2011

April and May

just love to make these.....still trying to find a new thing to make from them that no one has came up with...

yo-yo MA!
Wow! where did the last 60 days go?!  i did keep my promise about making a quilt a month.  the costume, not so much.  i just can't make them AND quilts at the same time. i do have loads of yummy fabrics that i love and run my little fingers across the rolls and rolls that i have collected in my 6 years of being with Jeff(he's my lobster, i'll tell you about him another time) ☺each bolt of fabric has a dress that goes with it.  soon i will fill my closet with them. play dress-up with my goddesses of women that call me their friends.  lots and lots of lovely dreamy dresses.... oops! oh, back to the quilts. YES, the quilts.  finished a turning 20. picked out the colors a few years ago, cut it all up then.....put it in a sack. not a real sack, i just call my unfinished projects P.I.G.S. Projects In Grocery Sacks. ha!  then on a simple one that you could have lunch on or read a book under a big beautiful tree. you know a picnic quilt.  made some drink cozies drink cozies then a summer hat.

wanted a new handbag but, jeff said that i didn't have *new handbag money* so i made one out of 4 of his old life is good shirts. ha!
well that's just a little drop of what i have been doing the last 60 soon to to the in-laws for supper, or like the French call it souper.

made this on easter sunday...

i think the bird likes them..

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