Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Girl & Her Dog

this is my dog Lacey, notice how she is sitting in the chair and i am on the ground...i can not keep her off the any of the furniture. i was reading a book in the backyard. it was too quiet, i didn't know where she was. so i looked around without making a sound, i wanted to know if she was digging or up to no good. i should have known that she was sitting in the chair with her back to the sun. funny girl

 don't let her fool you, the only reason she is in the floor is because there is not a comfy chair or sofa to sit on. this is my office, where is read and pay the bills. there is a butterfly chair that you don't see because i'm sitting in it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

April and May

just love to make these.....still trying to find a new thing to make from them that no one has came up with...

yo-yo MA!
Wow! where did the last 60 days go?!  i did keep my promise about making a quilt a month.  the costume, not so much.  i just can't make them AND quilts at the same time. i do have loads of yummy fabrics that i love and run my little fingers across the rolls and rolls that i have collected in my 6 years of being with Jeff(he's my lobster, i'll tell you about him another time) ☺each bolt of fabric has a dress that goes with it.  soon i will fill my closet with them. play dress-up with my goddesses of women that call me their friends.  lots and lots of lovely dreamy dresses.... oops! oh, back to the quilts. YES, the quilts.  finished a turning 20. picked out the colors a few years ago, cut it all up then.....put it in a sack. not a real sack, i just call my unfinished projects P.I.G.S. Projects In Grocery Sacks. ha!  then on a simple one that you could have lunch on or read a book under a big beautiful tree. you know a picnic quilt.  made some drink cozies drink cozies then a summer hat.

wanted a new handbag but, jeff said that i didn't have *new handbag money* so i made one out of 4 of his old life is good shirts. ha!
well that's just a little drop of what i have been doing the last 60 soon to to the in-laws for supper, or like the French call it souper.

made this on easter sunday...

i think the bird likes them..