Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Trip to Napa

right outside our suite
i fell in love with this vine

loved the legs of the table i drank a cupa at

i must say, i spent a few hours sitting by this and sewing
a lovely day to walk the grounds

he must have been over 100 years old

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


just love all the wild flowers, spent many hours sitting over there, and doing some handwork.
well Spring has come and Summer is here, for me it is.  i love living in florida, but the heat is, well, HOT.
just wish it would stay cool for a few more weeks, oh well, guess we'll just go camping up north where it is Spring.

just a few trees around our home..

i often find myself sitting and listening to the bees......      i love the sound they make



proud family.  just doing a walk about to let everyone know that the kids are doing well and growing-up fine.

enjoy the spring. i will

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What i've been working on

the month just flew by, but i did get gobs of work done. made more Bunting Banner, Flags, Party Pennants for my shop.

i added some yo-yos to them, i think they turned out rather nice. don't you think?

i added ribbons to this one.

i was setting this shot up and a little girl asked when the cake was going to get here. ha!

here are a few of the quilts i made for InYourBones

i wanted to take a nap when we shot this one.

such a lovely day on the lake, very windy.

don't you just love the wind?  i do

such a good place to read a book

i did manage to get some other things done too...

some flowers for spring...