Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Magic

 Happy Winter Magic everyone!
yes, i know.  yup, you're right.  what am i talking about? you ask.   the lack of me being here.  well, i'm back and hopefully on a once a week check in.   fingers crossed.  

it's a few days till christmas.  and the house is a mess.  not dirty dishes in the sink mess,  oh no, not our house, you see,   i   d o n ' t   c o o k .  ha!
we go out to Chipotle all the time.   oops, sorry back to mess house.  

what i mean is there is fabric all over the house, it's even in the sink!  ribbons and bunting from here to there.   i stayed up late almost every night.  late for me is 11 O'clock.   busy sewing and cutting.  then, i was making my first business cards.  that's right, i've been doing this for about a year and had no business cards of my own.  then there was the tagging and pricing all my goodies.

why, you ask?   well i just had my very first craft fair.  woohoo!  i met some wonderful people and saw some amazing work.  there was live music and everyone of the vendors brought a yummy snack for all to munch on.  i must say, it was all over so fast that i forgot to eat lunch or even drink water.  don't tell jeff.  teehee.

i must say i think i went overboard with my booth.   jeff made the hardware for the table, it looked soo good, he just came up with something in his head and just put it together in the parking lot. 1 2 3 so easy.

i then hung all sorts of goodies form all the hooks and my 'InYourBones' sign from the top.

i need to get some pictures up  but, i didn't take any.

i only took one from the back of the table looking out into the middle of the hall.
 such a lovely space.

it was organized by Central Florida Artisans Guild and a good time was had by all.  they are talking about doing one in the spring.  so i will keep you guys in the loop.

well, there is another good thing that is going on but, you all will have to just check back in a few days for that.

ooh, i almost forgot i got new glasses too.  what do you think?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

a website of my very own

we are on the road again. this time it's for me. i have a job out in napa, ca.
before we left, Jeff made me a website.  i will be posting from there.  won't you join us on our trip across the USA?

Saturday, August 27, 2011


i did it! a quilt for the month of august.  Nors's quilt i think it turned out just lovely, i'll post more photos when i get a moment.  so there i did it, a quilt for the month of august, i know i already said that but, i made it in 6 hours. ha!

then i made more bunting, a lot more  bunting.......

 this was for someone down-under? it sure was fun to make.
well, this was just left over fabric that too small to use for a quilt

got a team you want a bunting for?      

oh, and i also made drink cozies 11 of them. to be listed soon.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello July, i don't know where you are living but, here in the "sunshine state" July is HOT.
when i lived in, what i lovingly call "the hood", i would take cold showers and only dress in vintage slips.
i would lay on the terracotta  tile floors and just breath, do nothing because i had no a/c.
i know what you're think. i just got use to not having it. and did all my house work at night. the best was when i went to bed at night and pulled my sheets out of the freezer. 

this is us on a lazy hazy july day...

we spend a lot of time on the cool floor just her and i.  me taking her picture,
and her acting silly...
i think she knew i was taking these

such a ham

this is her far and away look.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Girl & Her Dog

this is my dog Lacey, notice how she is sitting in the chair and i am on the ground...i can not keep her off the any of the furniture. i was reading a book in the backyard. it was too quiet, i didn't know where she was. so i looked around without making a sound, i wanted to know if she was digging or up to no good. i should have known that she was sitting in the chair with her back to the sun. funny girl

 don't let her fool you, the only reason she is in the floor is because there is not a comfy chair or sofa to sit on. this is my office, where is read and pay the bills. there is a butterfly chair that you don't see because i'm sitting in it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

April and May

just love to make these.....still trying to find a new thing to make from them that no one has came up with...

yo-yo MA!
Wow! where did the last 60 days go?!  i did keep my promise about making a quilt a month.  the costume, not so much.  i just can't make them AND quilts at the same time. i do have loads of yummy fabrics that i love and run my little fingers across the rolls and rolls that i have collected in my 6 years of being with Jeff(he's my lobster, i'll tell you about him another time) ☺each bolt of fabric has a dress that goes with it.  soon i will fill my closet with them. play dress-up with my goddesses of women that call me their friends.  lots and lots of lovely dreamy dresses.... oops! oh, back to the quilts. YES, the quilts.  finished a turning 20. picked out the colors a few years ago, cut it all up then.....put it in a sack. not a real sack, i just call my unfinished projects P.I.G.S. Projects In Grocery Sacks. ha!  then on a simple one that you could have lunch on or read a book under a big beautiful tree. you know a picnic quilt.  made some drink cozies drink cozies then a summer hat.

wanted a new handbag but, jeff said that i didn't have *new handbag money* so i made one out of 4 of his old life is good shirts. ha!
well that's just a little drop of what i have been doing the last 60 soon to to the in-laws for supper, or like the French call it souper.

made this on easter sunday...

i think the bird likes them..

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Trip to Napa

right outside our suite
i fell in love with this vine

loved the legs of the table i drank a cupa at

i must say, i spent a few hours sitting by this and sewing
a lovely day to walk the grounds

he must have been over 100 years old

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


just love all the wild flowers, spent many hours sitting over there, and doing some handwork.
well Spring has come and Summer is here, for me it is.  i love living in florida, but the heat is, well, HOT.
just wish it would stay cool for a few more weeks, oh well, guess we'll just go camping up north where it is Spring.

just a few trees around our home..

i often find myself sitting and listening to the bees......      i love the sound they make



proud family.  just doing a walk about to let everyone know that the kids are doing well and growing-up fine.

enjoy the spring. i will

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What i've been working on

the month just flew by, but i did get gobs of work done. made more Bunting Banner, Flags, Party Pennants for my shop.

i added some yo-yos to them, i think they turned out rather nice. don't you think?

i added ribbons to this one.

i was setting this shot up and a little girl asked when the cake was going to get here. ha!

here are a few of the quilts i made for InYourBones

i wanted to take a nap when we shot this one.

such a lovely day on the lake, very windy.

don't you just love the wind?  i do

such a good place to read a book

i did manage to get some other things done too...

some flowers for spring...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Keep Sewing

That's all i need,  LOVE

I Give A Hoot, Don't you?
I have been sew busy(ha!) that i forgot to shoot photos of what i made in the month of January.   The costume wasn't as fancy as I wanted it to be, but never the less, it was finished and turned out rather nice, if I do say so myself.

I almost forgot about St. Valentine Day.  So I did a few LOVE things to go into InYourBones.

This is my wish for you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sticking To The Plan

This is just one of  the many quilts i have finished this month so far. WOW!

So I have been very good at keeping to the goal of a quilt a month. I did finish six quilts. Yes, I said SIX!

The costume, well, soon. I have the fabric and pattern all picked out. There is 31 days in the month so, i'll get going..

i did more than quilts this month. here is just a few...

Bunting, lots and lots of bunting..

i just love the way it looks, a fun way to use my left over fabric.


i just went crazy for bunting. ha!

This is so lovely outside the house

                                                Anyway, guess i should  start that ball gown now...