Friday, December 10, 2010

Me And My Sony

For the first time in my life, i feel very good in my skin..

if i want to have my picture taken, i have to take it myself. i'm ok with that.

a good hair day

or a bad one. I feel good

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Move

So, i said ten years age that i was going to move out of the USA, nothing against my home, i just want to live in a place where they don't speak english.
France, yup i said it, i don't speak the language or write it.  i have never been there. why, why not. Jeff said we will move to Italy, i'm cool with that, i have been there, and speak the language. well i was not with Jeff 10 years ago, i started this plan all by myself. so i was tickled pink when he said "yes, me too, i want to move out of this country" WooHoo!!

The starting point...about 8,000 sq. feet under roof

The down-sizing....3,500 sq. feet

More down-sizing....2,400sq. feet
  Well five years later and and 2 moves we are down-sizing to a smaller place. EEKS!  This time down to 900 sq. feet.  with so much sewing stuff i had better get busy sewing.